Feel the Power..feel the Punx Energy..

Rally Rotten’s is a punk rock band with 5 youngsters, Wayu, Abel, Budhy, Reza, and Andre. At first the band only consisted of 3 (Wayu, Abel, Budhy). Due to the fact that it wasnt convincing enough if there were only three guys in, so Reza and Andre were taken to fill the emptiness that formed “Rally Rotten’s”, a band that tries to be successful with an unpromising skill. “Well, actually this band …was formed because of our jealousy towards our friend’s band, so we created this band to compete with them,” Budhy says. But now Abel is out because he has to work and his position is replaced by his brother, Chiko Sometimes playing for underground scene clubs, sometimes at parties or alternative band festivals,and even giggs at studio venues who would have probably denied them entrance years ago! Which means more beers for all. In and we always write songs that come from our heart and try our best to describe us

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Allah S.W.T ,Nabi Muhamad S.W.A,mama,papa,Kawan2 kami,Simpleton Melodies,Lemak,Mas Ari Bojonk,Lukman dosound,northon,noise addidct, burning flame,om uut,ibol,arnas,yaser,Dudi,Wijil,Panca,Hary,dindun,Okay,warnetku,CTYR’S Studio,lisna,anak2 SMA sejahtera satu,anak2 SMA Putra Bangsa,Advertising BSI 2005, Kamar-Hijau(Aplezz,Ajay,Chiwil,Budhy),DeCan,seluruh underground community yg telah memberikan kami ruang untuk menyuarakan seluruh aspirasi kami yg takkan bsa d gantikan oleh apapun meskipun hanya sebatas lirik dan lagu semoga perjuangan ini akan terus berlanjut hingga tak ada lagi perbedaan.dan seluruh orang2 di sekitar kami yang telah mendukung kami hingga kami menjadi seperti sekarang ini karena kalianlah kami bisa menjadi lebih dewasa,hingga detik ini pun kami masih mengharapkan masukan2 yg bsa menjadikan Rally Rotten’s lebih baik.Support yang tanpa henti membuat kami semangat dalam menciptakan karya-karya yang mewakili isi hati kami, tanpa kalian kami bukanlah apa2

1.You come to my dream
3.Rasa ini
4.I don’t care
5.Just want you
6.Sebuah Perjalanan
8.Harus Aku Akui

-Valentine Suck (Compilation Video)
-Liburan Di Bulan
-Bad Sound Melodies
-A Tribute To Punk Rocker

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